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Kimberly Clark Employee Looking up from Computer

Our Values & Behaviors

Our values – being innovative, accountable, authentic and caring – drive our culture. And our behaviors enable every employee to live and bring those values to life.

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Our values and behaviors define our culture at Kimberly-Clark. They clarify what is encouraged and rewarded by our leadership. And, they guide and inspire the way we work every day.



Our heritage is one of honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing.



We take ownership for our business and our future.



We are committed to new ideas that add value to our customers, our business and our world.



We respect each other and care for the communities where we live and work.

Our behaviors

Building Blocks representing Building Trust

Build Trust

We assume positive intent in others and welcome different perspectives and debate. We commit to a group decision even if it is not our preferred option.

Making Decisions Checkmark

Make Decisions

We make decisions in as short a time as possible, involving just the people necessary, and celebrate others who take smart risks.

Trophy Icon

Win Consistently

We consistently ask, “What else can I do?” to exceed expectations and deliver the overall best results for the enterprise.

Thought Bubble with Happy Customer on the Mind

Think Customer

We anticipate customer needs and drive innovation for their benefit. We adopt ideas wherever possible to get innovation to the customer faster.

Ladder to Improvement

Continuously Improve

We reach across boundaries for new ideas to improve our business.

Building Talent by Working Together

Build Talent

We are all accountable to attract, develop and retain a diverse team who are highly engaged and enabled. We also own our own development.

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